Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Tale of Family Addiction

I come from families that are plagued with addiction. Both addictions are to hard drugs and alcohol. How I've managed to not get this particular gene, I'm not sure, but every single day, I am more and more grateful for this fact.
I spoke to my mother today and she was telling me about how my aunt, who is in her late 40's got into a physical fight with my uncle, who is in his early 50's, both of whom live with my grandmother. The reason for the fight: My aunt, who is an alcoholic, had put a piece of charcoal in the fridge to knock the smell out of it.....*shrugs*. Apparently my uncle decided to clean out the fridge and my aunt couldn't find the piece of charcoal she had put in there. So she, in her 5 pm drunken state, decided to argue with my uncle. This evidently lead to a physical altercation, which lead to my grandmother calling the police. My aunt got lippy with the police so they told her that she could either got to jail or rehab. She chose rehab.
Now, my aunt had been sober for, I'm guessing here, about 10 years, then she just started drinking again. She's a violent drunk and she takes it out on everyone, including her now 20 year old son. She use to be the shit out of him. As she was being hauled off to rehab, she looked at my grandmother, who opened her home to her and supports both her and her 20 year old son, she asked "Are you happy now?"
The point of this blog is that hearing this from my mother, who has her own addictions, made me that much more grateful that I don't have an addiction to anything stronger than caffeine. I do enjoy the occasional drink and I have been drunk more than a time or two in my 26 years on this planet. But I don't NEED the alcohol. I've never done drugs and of this, I am completely stoked. I have no desire to do drugs, as I have seen, first hand, their effects.
I am so happy that this gene isn't dominant in me as it is in the rest of my family.
That's it for now...until next time.

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