Saturday, February 28, 2009

1st Bloggie Blog

So, I'm sitting here on my new laptop, running on stolen internet. My kids are running around like lunatics, but that's nothing new. I'm craving something, but I'm not sure what. Tomorrow, I will be 12 week pregnant. Yay me! I'm 2 weeks away from starting my second trimester, thank god! Hopefully, the all-day sickness will go away then. First sign of pregnancy: When you spend more time looking into the toliet than actually on it. Gotta love that. You wake up in the morning and you can hear that the kids are asleep. You roll over to try to get some morning action from your husband and BAM!!! You run to the toliet like brides to a gown sale. The sound of you heaving into the toliet and the taste of stomach bile makes for one sexy woman, let me tell you.
It amazes me, pregnancy. I have a little human growing inside me. At one point in time, I had 2 little humans growing inside me. Now, one is 3'7! It's crazy.
Anyways...that's it for now......