Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Day to Day Life of Me

It's Sunday evening. My husband and I are sitting at the kitchen table, discussing the events of tomorrow. The kiddos, who are tucked into their beds, have school tomorrow...THANK GOD! Now, I'm not sure of there are any mothers reading this (hell, I'm not even sure if ANYONE is reading this but me)....but if there is, than I'm sure you all can agree. School, next to bedtime, is the best time ever. Get's the kids out of your hair for awhile. If you speed clean and deal with the rest of your daily jobs right off the bat, you get more you time. Score one for us!
Tomorrow, we are going to make the trek to the land of utility companies and request that they promptly make their way to our home to give us one of the sweet nectors of life....internet connection. Running on stolen internet is really no fun.
Anyways, today, I woke up, puked, ate, got dressed, went to the crappy flea market in Corbin, where I vomited not long after I walked into the doors. The place reeks of cigarettes, because they allow smoking inside and everyone there smokes....even the animals they are selling. We walked around, left, went to the venders mall...walked around, left and made our way to Subway, where I stood in a shockingly long line for mediocore food....which isn't something new.
After that, we came home, messed around online for a bit, then invited our niece, nephew-in-law, and great nephew over for a rousing game of "Let's See Who Sucks The Most" or, to you common folk, Guitar Hero: World Tour. Fun times were had by all on that one. They left and here we are, fighting for that popular spot in cyber-world....he who has a stronger connection. As I type this, I don't have one....I'm running on local only, which won't let me do much except stare at my reflection in the screen. But I will push forward and hope that this rambling of nothingness becomes more than a meaningless file on my laptop.
If the Gods of Internet will allow it.........until next time, Cyber Peoples.

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